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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the product safe to consume if there is visible alteration in color, shape, form and texture on the capsule despite the product not expired?
Answer: In case of the capsule’s color is darkened and/or hardened, the cause is from humidity which can be attributed by storage condition such as the seal is not fully closed and/or storage in humid area and/or the packaging seal is broken without consuming Hence, we encourage consumers to continuously consume the products until finished.

Question: Besides promoting immunity and Covid-19 prevention, what other health benefits does fingeroot possess?
Answer: Fingerroot consumption for enhancing immune system has become increasingly popular due to Covid-19 outbreak. However, according to scientific researches, raw fingerroot possesses essential oil with anti-flatulence property and flavonoid with anti-inflammatory property. Despite extensive researches, there is no study in human with conclusive findings for anti-inflammatory benefit. For more information, please visit

Question: Can I take fingerroot while taking other medications?
Answer: In case of consuming raw fingerroot in food, it can be done but if you have specific illnesses and ailments but wanting to take M Med Fingerroot Plus, please consult the doctor and/or healthcare professionals prior to the consumption.

Question: How long can I consume M Med Fingerroot Plus continuously?
Answer: M Med Fingerroot Plus contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B 1, 6, 12 according to the Thai RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) guideline by Food and Drugs Administration of Thailand. For fingerroot extract and Beta Glucan, there is currently no report on toxicity from continuous consumption for 3-6 months. However, if there is any impact on health condition that can be traced back to the consumption of the products, it is recommended to suspend the consumption and consult the doctor for further evaluation. For more information on Finggerroot health benefits, please visit:

Question: What is MST Standard?
Answer: The standard of excellence for health products, as guided and certified by Mahidol University. The standard comprises of four key areas:
1.Manufactured from facilities with relevant health and safety certificates in accordance to international standard.
2.Raw materials have been sourced from trusted supplier and can be traced back to its origin.
3.Co-developed and co-formulated by experts from Mahidol University.
4.Storage in proper condition to ensure best quality throughout its shelf life.