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Privacy Policy

M MED Health Practitioner Privacy Notice
Latest announcement: August 10, 2022
Privacy Policy
The purpose of this privacy notice is to emphasize how important privacy is for you. “M MED” is committed to protecting your personal data with due care and honesty carried out by companies in the group and affiliations for:
#Users of M MED products and services;
#Visitors of the website using M MED system and applications;
#General public who are interested to contact or be contacted by M MED;

When we refer to the terms "M MED", "we", "us", or "our", we are referring to the company itself. M MED has responsibilities under applicable privacy laws and regulations.

We place great importance on the "Personal Data Protection Law" and are committed to respecting the rights and privacy of all users of M MED Websites and Mobile Applications, collectively referred to as "service".
“User” means a person who has registered with us and uses the service, collectively referred to as “user”, “you”, or “your”. We value the personal data you provide to us, and we believe that it’s our duty to handle, secure, and process your personal data in an appropriate manner.
This Privacy Policy, "Privacy Policy", or "Policy" is intended to help you understand how we collect, use, disclose, and/or process the personal data you provide us and/or your information that we own, whether in the present or in the future. It is also an informative decision before you provide us with any personal data. Therefore, we suggest that you read this Privacy Policy carefully. If you have any questions about this information or our privacy practices, please see the "Questions, Concerns, or Complaints? Please contact us" section at the end of the Privacy Policy.
"Personal Data" means information about a person, whether true or false, that can be used to identify that person or that can be derived from such or other information that the organization has or may have access to. Examples of personal data are: name, identification number, and contact information.
By using the service, registering an account with us, visiting and/or accessing the service, you acknowledge and agree that you accept the practices, terms, and/or policies set forth in this Privacy Policy, and you consent to our collecting, using, disclosing, and/or processing of your personal data as described herein. If you do not agree to us processing your personal data in the manner as described in this privacy policy, please do not use the service or visit the website. If we change our Privacy Policy, we will notify you of such changes or the amended Privacy Policy on the website. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, with or without prior notification to you.
1) What personal data will/may M MED collect?
1.1. Personal Data
*Name, date/month/year of birth, gender, ID card/passport number;
*Address (ID card, delivery, receipt), telephone number, email;
*Bank account details and payment information.
1.2. Information collected when users register to use our services, including information about how users use the service or the website.
1.3. Information about the people/groups you are connected with on our platform, and the manner in which you communicate with them.
1.4. Information from or about the device on which you have installed our applications and/or used to access our service.
1.5. The details of your account with third party websites/applications to which you have linked your account with us through the website, including any personal data you may provide to us.
1.6. We may receive information about you and your activities on and off the M MED Platform from our group companies and/or third party partners, such as information from our group companies and/or partners with whom we jointly offer services and/or promotions from advertisers, including information about the websites and applications you visit and the services you use on those websites and applications. As well as the information from the developer or publisher shown on applications or websites provided to you or us.
1.7. If you do not wish us to collect the information/personal data as mentioned above, you may cancel at any time by notifying our data protection officer in writing. (Please understand that canceling or withdrawing your consent to the collection, use, sharing, or processing of your personal data with us may affect your use of the service.)
1.8. When you use a credit or debit card to make a transaction on the website, you are giving your information to an external service provider. Such connections are subject to the applicable privacy policies of that third party provider, to which M MED may not have access and collect your credit card information.
2) The policy does not state in full detail when M MED will/may collect personal data and only provides general examples of when we collect your personal data.
2.1. When you access and/or use our services or website, or register for and/or create an account with us
2.2. When you submit forms, including but not limited to application forms or other forms associated with our products and services, whether online or in documented form
2.3. When you visit our website and applications, and/or enter into a transmission agreement, or provide any document or other information regarding your communication with us, or when you use our products and services
2.4. When you interact with us and/or use our services, including but not limited to through telephone, e-mail, website/service, or cookies which will be adjusted once you use the service or visit the website.
2.5. When you process your transaction through our services, such as purchasing a product, or submitting feedback or a complaint.
2.6. When you register and/or participate in the competition and/or promotional activities with us and/or together with our commercial partners.
2.7. When you use or request the services provided by our on-site outsource service providers, such as payment or logistics services, etc.
2.8. When you install our application on your computer, phone, or other device ("Device") and/or use the device to access our services; and/or connect your account with third-party websites or applications to your account through our website.
2.9. We will/may collect, use, disclose, and/or process this information for the purposes as stated. Our mobile applications may collect accurate information about the location of your mobile device using technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, and others. We collect, use, disclose, and/or process this information for one or more purposes, including but not limited to providing you with location-based services as you request, providing you with relevant content based on your location, and allowing you to share location with other users as part of our mobile application services. For most mobile devices, you can withdraw your consent to have us receive your location information through the settings on your device. If you have any questions about how to disable location services on your mobile device, please contact your mobile device carrier or device manufacturer. We use a collection method in addition to explaining how we use, protect, and maintain the security of your personal data.
3) M MED’s data collection methods
3.1. We may request information from users through various surveys, the participation in these surveys is entirely voluntary, and therefore you can choose whether to disclose your information to us or not. The requested information may include, but is not limited to, contact information (including e-mail address) and demographic information (including interests or age group). The information obtained from this survey will be used to examine and improve the usability and satisfaction of the service, and will not be shared with third parties, except for contractors who assist us in administering and conducting the surveys.
3.2. Viewing Web Pages: As you access most websites with your device, your device will send information that may contain your personal data, which will be recorded by web servers when you browse our website and sometimes includes "cookies" (which you can disable with your device preferences). This data will be linked to your user account.
3.3. We may use "cookies" or other features from time to time to help us or third parties in collecting or sharing information in order to improve our website and services or to provide new services and features. "Cookies" are identifiers that we send to your device to help us recognize your device. We may link cookie information with your personal data. "Cookies" are also linked to information about items you've purchased as well as a list of products you have browsed. Furthermore, cookies are used to give content tailored specifically to your interests and to monitor website usage.
3.4. Viewing and Downloading Content and Advertisements When Browsing Webpage with Your Devices: While you are viewing content and advertisements and accessing other software on our website or through the service, most of the same information will be sent to us (including but not limited to IP address, operating system, etc.)
4) How M MED uses the information you provide to us? We may collect, use, disclose, and/or process your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:
4.1. To consider and/or complete your submission/transaction with us, both for the products/services and your communications with third parties through the services to manage, process, and enable you to access our services and website as well as your account and connection with us
4.2. To manage, operate, administer, and provide services to you, including accommodating and remembering your needs as well as tailoring the experience by displaying content based on your interests and preferences, along with providing quick access to your account and sending information to us
4.3. To identify and/or verify, or maintain your or others' security and personal property rights, including related user license agreements
4.4. To maintain and control software updates and/or other updates, as well as to provide necessary support on occasions to ensure the smooth running of our services and facilitate customer service
4.5. To contact or communicate with you through voice calls, text and/or fax messages, e-mail and/or any other means, or to manage your connection with us or use of our services. You acknowledge and agree that our communications may take the form of letters or documentation, and that certain details of your personal date may be disclosed on the exterior of an envelope/package in delivery
4.6. To conduct research, analysis, and activity development in order to improve our services or products and/or your experience. Customers can examine and participate in a survey or other ways, to inspect the size and composition of our target customers, as well as to understand their experience with our service
4.7. In the event that you have given us permission to send you marketing and promotional information, documents related to products and/or services through various communication channels, and the usage of such communication channels, or you have already given your consent to the matter
4.8. To respond or comply with applicable laws, government or regulatory requirements under the relevant jurisdiction, including ensuring compliance with the requirements that the disclosure of information shall be in accordance with the legal requirements that M MED or related companies or affiliates must comply with
4.9. To prepare statistical data and research for internal and legal reports, and/or pursuant to requirements on record-keeping, hosting, back-up to review our services or business
4.10. To prevent and detect fraud, illegal activity, omission or misconduct, as well as to manage and/or facilitate business asset transactions or potential business asset transactions; with third parties may be involved in such transactions
4.11. The purpose for which we collect, use, disclose, and/or process your personal data depends on the circumstances and may not be stated above. However, we will notify you of the purpose upon obtaining your consent, unless the processing of relevant data without your consent is required by law on personal data protection.
5) How does M MED secure customers' personal data?
5.1. We use various safety measures to ensure that your personal data in our systems is secure. The user's personal data is stored in a secure network and can only be accessed by a limited number of employees with the privilege of accessing such system. We will treat your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and/or other laws, and we will destroy or anonymize your personal data as soon as there is reason to believe that:

The purpose of personal data collection is no longer aligned with the protection of such personal data, and it is no longer necessary to store such personal data for legal or business purposes. If you stop using the website or your right to use the website and/or services is terminated, we may continue to store, use, and/or disclose personal data in compliance with the personal data protection laws and our obligations under this personal data protection law. Under applicable regulations, we may securely destroy your personal data without prior notification.

5.2. Sharing information from the service, our services allow users to share personal data with others for transactions in almost any situation by complying with all relevant personal data protection laws.
5.3. In the course of running our business, we may be required to disclose your personal data to third party service providers, agents, and/or affiliates, or our related companies, and/or other third parties for one or more of the above-mentioned purposes to prevent doubt. In the event that the personal data protection law or other relevant regulations allow companies such as M MED to collect, use, or disclose your personal data without your consent, the legal permission will remain in effect.
6) How does M MED secure such information?
6.1. Third parties may block or access personal data illegally sent or put on the website, technology may malfunction or fail to work as expected, or any person may have access to the improper use or abuse of information. We will use reasonable security measures to protect your personal data as required under the Personal Data Protection Law. However, we cannot guarantee complete safety in the unforeseen circumstances that are not our fault.
6.2. We and third parties may provide software application downloads from time to time so that you may use the services or use them through the services. These applications may be accessed separately, and third parties can request information that identifies you through these applications. These applications are not M MED products or services, and M MED has no control over them. We recommend that you read the terms and other policies published by such third parties on their websites or others.
6.3. Personal data of users is stored in secure networks that can only be accessed by a limited number of employees with the privilege of accessing such systems and must protect confidential personal information. We suggest that you place an order or access your personal data through secure servers. All personal data or sensitive information you provide will be encrypted in our database and can only be accessed in the ways specified above.
6.4. In order to increase your benefit, we may choose to link or instill various third-party websites within our website. We may also participate in product co-development or any other arrangement to provide e-commerce transactions and/or other services and features to visitors to these linked websites and we will ensure that a privacy policy is in place. M MED, however, has no control over these connected websites because each has its separate and independent privacy and data collection practices. As a result, we are not responsible or liable for the content or security management (or not being secured).
6.5. Minors' Information. This service is not suitable for minors under the age of ten. We do not knowingly collect or maintain any personally or non-personally identifiable information from minors under the age of 10. In addition, no content for minors under the age of 10 is available in any part of the website or other services. We will close the accounts used by minors and withdraw and/or delete any personal information that we believe was transmitted by minors under the age of 10.
7) Your rights as the personal data subject

Under the provisions of law and relevant legal exceptions, you, as the Personal Data Subject, may have the rights set forth as follows:

7.1. Access: You have the right to access or obtain a copy of your personal data that M MED has collected, used, or disclosed about you. For your privacy and security, M MED may ask you to prove your identity before providing you with the data you have requested under the law and M MED's discretion.
7.2. Rectification: You may have the right to request that the personal data collected, used, or disclosed by M MED about you be rectified so that it is accurate, current, and complete, and does not cause misunderstanding
7.3. Data Transfer: You may have the right to obtain personal data under M MED's possession in an organized format that can be read in electronic form, as well as to transmit or transfer such data to another personal data controller, provided that the data has to be (1) personal data you have provided to M MED, and (2) M MED has obtained your consent for its collection, use, or disclosure or to fulfill a contract M MED has with you.
7.4. Objection: You may have the right to object to the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal data.
7.5. Request for restriction of use: You may have the right to request us to restrict the use of your personal data under certain circumstances.
7.6. Consent Withdrawal: You have the right to withdraw your consent for the purposes for which you have given M MED consent to collect, use, or disclose your personal data at any time.
7.7. Erasure or deletion of data: You may have the right to request that M MED take action on data erasure or deletion, or make your personal data collected, used, or disclosed by M MED unable to identify the personal data subject, unless M MED retains such information for legal compliance, establishing statutory claims, or exercising or defending statutory claims.
7.8. Filing a Complaint: You may have the right to submit a complaint with the competent authorities in the event that you find that M MED's collection, use, or disclosure of personal data is unlawful or inconsistent with current applicable data protection laws.
8) How you can cancel, delete, or edit the information you have provided to us.
8.1. If you wish to change or edit your email subscription, please inform us by sending an email to our personal data protection officer at the email address shown below. Please keep in mind that since we have a schedule for creating emails, therefore you may still receive an email during the process.
8.2. You may withdraw your consent to the collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal data in our possession or control by sending an email to our personal data protection officer at the email address shown.
8.3. Once we have received a clearly written withdrawal notice from you and have verified your identity, we will proceed with the request and thereafter will not collect, use, and/or disclose your personal data in the manner described in your request. If we are unable to verify your identity or do not understand your instructions, we will contact you for clarification of said request.
8.4. However, there may be consequences for the withdrawal of consent. In this regard, it depends on the extent to which you withdraw your consent for us to process your personal data, and that may mean that we will be unable to continue providing our services to you. As a result, we may be obliged to terminate your existing relationship and/or the contract you have with us, etc., as the case may be, which we shall inform you.
8.5. For the request to edit your personal data, we will edit your personal data within 30 days after receiving sufficient information from you to proceed. If we are unable to correct it within the specific period, we will inform you of the fastest processing time for correction.
8.6. We retain the right to refuse correction of your personal data in line with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Laws, which stipulate and/or grant the organization the right to refuse rectification of personal data in specified situations.